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MD Rudaitis Vilius Gynaecologist obstetrician
My sincere thanks to the doctor for his care and warmth. Although the surgery was not complicated, I was still nervous and worried. I would like to hope that every patient could meet a doctor who can communicate in such a simple, warm and calm manner. The same can be said about the entire staff – I am grateful to the staff in the registration unit, nurses and anaesthetist. Thank you all.

Jolita Ruseckienė

MD Mecejus Gediminas Gynaecologist obstetrician
Attention to the patient before and after surgery, broad smile and excellent sense of humour. Professionalism and competence, sincere communication and patience. This man was born to be a doctor, whose easy hand is performing miracles. I am writing about Dr Gediminas Mečėjus. You gain wings after the surgery and the pain fades into insignificance.

Alma Vidžiūnienė

MD Mecejus Gediminas Gynaecologist obstetrician
I would like to thank Doctor Gediminas Mečėjus for the successful surgery; his professionalism, competence, sense of humour, positive attitude and overall approach to patients and their treatment are second to none. I was delighted with everything:). My post-operative period went well, it was like as if nothing had happened. No stress before or after the operation. Thank you again! I am pleased to have met doctor Dr Gediminas and his golden hands!


Markauskiene Antonina Gynaecologist obstetrician
A very pleasant doctor. In general, I was impressed by everything – from entering the clinic, to being escorted to the doctor, to the treatment and departure from the clinic. There were no questions or misunderstandings. I felt like I was in paradise.

Austėja Pajarskaitė

Markauskiene Antonina Gynaecologist obstetrician
I would like to thank Doctor Antonina Markauskienė for a professional and thorough consultation. She is a very caring, pleasant and sincere doctor and one to whom I would be happy to return to. I wish her success and good health

Rasa Cerniauskiene

Kudziene Vida Gynaecologist obstetrician
I would like to thank Doctor Vida Kudzienė, for her treatment, professionalism, advice, attention and warm words at the right time. I am delighted that I have met this doctor, and now I recommend her to other women. Your treatment center can be proud that it has such a doctor on your team. Thank you very much.

Živilė Norkūnienė

Daunoravicius Ricardas Gynaecologist obstetrician
Great doctor and person. Specialist in his area. THANK you very much for the correct decision on 1 July 2008.

Sandra Jurgelionytė

Assoc. prof., MD Alisauskas Jonas Gynaecologist obstetrician
Many thanks to Associate Professor, M.D. J. Ališauskas for his professionalism and humanity! Wishing you success and strong health for many more years. Thank you for being there.

Irma Markeviciene

Assoc. prof., MD Alisauskas Jonas Gynaecologist obstetrician
I would like to thank Associate Professor, M.D. J. Ališauskas for the surgery. It is fantastic that my health problems were solved by the doctor who has achieved a perfect level of professionalism with his high moral and spiritual values. Let your hands and wisdom be protected by the one from above. Happy New Year!


Sileikiene Nijole Abdominal surgeon, Endoscopist
Excellent doctor. 10/10.

Vladimir Kitov

Sileikiene Nijole Abdominal surgeon, Endoscopist
I would like to thank Nijolė Šileikienė for her professionalism. She is a very good doctor who explains everything in detail about the identified health problems; she is very pleasant, caring, many thanks. I wish the doctor good health, so that she can continue looking after patients.

Daiva Bagužienė

Prof. MD Samalavicius Narimantas Evaldas Abdominal surgeon, Coloproctologist
This is someone wholeheartedly dedicated to his work, a true professional in his field. Thank you for saving my daughter’s life.

Raimondas Radimonas

MD Radziunas Gintautas Coloproctologist, Endoscopist, Abdominal surgeon
I enjoyed the pleasant interactions of the medical staff with patients. The doctor explained everything after the procedure, I did not have to wait for a long time, this was my second time here and on both occasions I was very well looked after, which is nice when you are concerned about your health and do not have to wait for 2 months. Many thanks.

Vilma Petrutienė

MD Radziunas Gintautas Coloproctologist, Endoscopist, Abdominal surgeon
My sincere thanks go to doctor G. Radžiūnas for the colonoscopy, for his care and sincerity in dealing with patients. I would also like to thank the nurses for their kindness and professionalism. Respectfully yours, Anelė Vikanis.

Anelė Vikanis

Songaila Alfredas Abdominal surgeon
I have been living in the UK for 14 years, and I have never had any serious health problems until May this year, when I was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia; this was my first experience with the NHS (National Health Service, the body that provides health services). During my visit to the GP (general practitioner or family doctor), I was told that a week later I would receive a letter from the hospital with the date for the consultation with the surgeon. Almost four weeks passed, and I hadn’t received the letter. After contacting my family doctor to find out what was going on, I was told that I would have to wait two months to see the surgeon and to wait up to six months for the surgery. One of my relatives suggested travelling to Lithuania to the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Vilnius to have the surgery. Without further ado I contacted one of the managers of the Center, Gitana Matiušovienė. She made an appointment for me with a surgeon and suggested calling International Medical Care in London regarding compensation for the treatment in Lithuania. When I called, I learned that this company would cover all my treatment costs in Lithuania, once I provided statements regarding the diagnosis and payment receipts with translation into English. Once I arrived in Lithuania I went to the Center straight away for my appointment with the surgeon, Alfredas Songaila. I was met by the manager, Gitana Matiušovienė. She helped to complete all the required documents and then escorted me to the doctor. When the surgeon had finished examining me, he recommended surgery for my hernia. I didn’t hesitate for a minute and agreed. The surgery was scheduled for a few days' later. I was surprised as there were no queues like in the UK there. On the date of the surgery I was placed in a single occupancy ward. It could not have been more comfortable: a TV, a comfortable bed, a separate bathroom, but above all peace and quiet. I was surrounded by attentive professional staff. After the surgery, everything went well. The nurses frequently came to check how I was. A few hours after the surgery the manager, Gitana, paid a visit asking about my health and whether everything was OK. The next day I left the hospital as everything was fine. Gitana, helped to arrange all the necessary documents to obtain compensation in the UK for the treatment. It could not have been better. I would like to thank all the staff of the Center and, in particular, my surgeon, Alfredas Sonaila, for such professional treatment and the manager, Gitana Matiušovienė, for her support and care during the treatment. This is one of the best medical centres I have ever been treated at.

Igor Kolganov