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On 10 September, Doctor Justina Skruodytė performed surgery for stye, explained everything, was very patient, extremely pleasant and did her job very well. I had a question three weeks after the surgery, so I wrote a private message. Although, to be honest, I really did not expect an answer, the doctor replied and explained. What a miracle to have such good doctors!!! I’m very grateful and sending wishes to the doctor from Tauragė.


A wonderful doctor, a professional, who explains everything very thoroughly and clearly, very sincere, a good communicator, patient, the doctor who understands stressed patients. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Daiva Juškienė

Vitko Julija Gynaecologist obstetrician, Breasts oncosurgeon
When I came back from a consultation with the breast care specialist, Julija Vitko, I was very satisfied. The doctor carefully examined my medical documents and explained everything thoroughly. I highly recommend this pleasant and good doctor. Thank you for your professional work.

Gulnara Gasperovič

Bickauskas Nerijus Vascular surgeon
Many THANKS to the vascular surgeon, NERIJUS BIČKAUSKAS, and his assistants for the surgery. Thank you for extraordinary sincerity and care during the surgery. Good luck to YOU and the entire medical team. Live and prosper! THANK YOU!

Danutė Mackevičienė

Fisas Jokubas Neurologist
I’d like to thank Doctor Fišas for pleasant communication and a high quality consultation. I came from Ukmergė for a consultation and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the services and the good doctor, and I hope that the prescribed treatment will work. The nurses who assisted the doctor were very pleasant. I wish them patience and strength. Thank you. Patient A.M.


Gliaudytė Austėja Kinesitherapist
I’m grateful to physiotherapist Austėja, who is very attentive and professional in her area. I attended physiotherapy at other healthcare institutions, but never received so much attention. At each meeting the doctor asked he how I felt and adapted my exercises to the rhythm of my life. I can walk again and enjoy life! When a person loves his job, he always performs it well and wholeheartedly! Thank you very much! :)

Anastasija Ivanova

Januskeviciute Audra Neurologist
Hi, I’m very grateful to this doctor. Suddenly I felt poorly (due to my back pain), but I didn’t get help at Lazdynai Hospital, they didn’t even send me to the neurologist, although I asked if it was helpful. In a word, only when I contacted the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center did I receive help from Doctor Audra. Thank you very much! She performed all procedures on the same day, even gave me an injection that finally relieved the excruciating pain and prescribed the treatment that helped! She also referred me to the appropriate specialists to continue my rehabilitation. I wish there were more such empathetic doctors!

Anastasija Ivanova

Markauskiene Antonina Gynaecologist obstetrician
I would like to thank Doctor Antonina Markauskienė. A great, sincere doctor whom you may contact on any open issue. The doctor’s consultancy was very professional and sincere. I wish the doctor great success in her work.

Eglė Lozoraitytė

Assoc. prof., MD Alisauskas Jonas Gynaecologist obstetrician
My sincere thanks to Doctor Jonas Ališauskas for his help, great care for the patient, and his answers to all health-related questions. A great doctor and a professional in his area who sincerely and professionally helps women to care about their health and supports a patient at a difficult time. He finds the best and most appropriate treatment. I hope that he will continue helping women for as long as possible.

Eglė Lozoraitytė

Assoc. prof., MD Minderis Mindaugas Plastic and reconstructive surgeon
I can only say the best words about this doctor. We are hopeful that we will be able to fully use the little finger again. The surgery performed by the doctor went smoothly. Before and after surgery we were given detailed explanations in a way that is easy to understand. Mindaugas Minderis is worth only the best testimonials, you probably can’t get a better doctor.

Vaida Dotiene

Assoc. prof., MD Minderis Mindaugas Plastic and reconstructive surgeon
I did not dream that my daughter would be in such good hands, he [the doctor] was our last hope. The surgery went smoothly, the doctor explained everything stage by stage. A top level doctor.


MD Bartkeviciene Daiva Gynaecologist obstetrician
A great doctor! She answered all my questions, performed all the necessary tests very carefully, and provided her recommendations and insights, which I will certainly use in the future. The doctor communicated appropriately and pleasantly! This is a true professional! I was very pleased. Thank you!

Oksana Romaš-Latyševienė

Doctor G. Mickūnaitienė is a true professional who really knows her work. She is dedicated, knows how to listen, comfort, advise and make you feel good. She is also sincere and caring. The atmosphere is very good and pleasant. I am very pleased with and grateful to the doctor and the nurse for the attention and care they showed to our daughter. Thank you.

Irena A

MD Grikiniene Jurgita Pediatric neurologist
We are delighted to have found such a good doctor. We came to the center because we were very worried about the deterioration in the condition of our daughter, the doctor reassured us and prescribed the necessary tests and medicines. The doctor was pleasant and explained everything, Thank you for treating our daughter.


MD Krivaitiene Dalia Ophthalmologist (eye diseases), Pediatric ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
Dalia Krivaitienė is a true professional, a great doctor, sincere and pleasant. We are very grateful to her.

Dalia Dzafarova