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Misevice Ausrine Ophthalmologist (eye diseases), Pediatric ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
My sincere thanks to Doctor A. Misevičė for the consultation, examination and surgery. She is just a great professional and a very pleasant doctor. We are pleased we visited you, I highly recommend the center. Thank you for being there.

Zana Goloburdo

A great doctor. The first doctor I have found who pays so much attention to the patient's well-being. She listened very attentively to my complaints and tried to find the best solutions. She calls to give/advise on the test results. She is very empathetic. I think that Doctor Mokvėnienė is an example of a truly committed doctor.

Mindaugas Zabita

Seibutiene Milda Physician of internal diseases (therapist)
I had my first visit on 13 June this year, I am very grateful to Doctor Milda Seibutienė for her help, sincere words and warm words of comfort.


Degutiene Irena Endocrinologist, Physician of internal diseases (therapist)
Hello, my sincere thanks to Doctor Irena Degutienė and all the staff of the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center for the pleasant professional service.

Stasys Baltaragis

I had a very good phone call with the doctor before I came for the consultation When I told them my problem they explained to me patiently and in detail what the solutions were, what the equipment for crushing kidney stones could do, what methods were applied, what I had to do and what possible complications there could be. It was the first time I have come across a doctor who gave me good advice and answered my questions and concerns. Thank you very much for your professionalism. I have never come across so much humanism and empathy.

Diana Banel-Lekamavičienė

Verikaite Jone Urologist
Hello, I would like to thank Doctor Jonė Verikaitė for her professionalism, respect and good mood. The doctor deserves all the best praise and evaluation. Thank you


Keina Vytautas Urologist
Vytautas Keina is a professional doctor who tells you about the situation. Excellent care!


I thought that because of pain in my shoulder I would have to stop shooting bows and arrows and seek medical help. I visited the Sports Medicine Center and Kestutis Linkus. I was diagnosed with different conditions, but the logical explanation by Doctor Kestutis and the thorough, scientifically based consultations convinced me more than those of the trauma specialist at the Sports Medicine Center. It was a very good choice to choose the Diagnostic Center. Within a couple of weeks, I no longer had pain in my shoulder. Within a month, my sporting results changed dramatically. THANK you Kestutis.

Valdas Narkūnas

Dear Doctor Kęstutis, I am very grateful to you for the treatment, recommendations and exercises. My physical and emotional condition improved significantly after the treatment. I did not believe that it was possible to get rid of that distressing foot pain and I thought my joints were deteriorating and I felt like an old person, especially in the mornings and evenings. After your physiotherapy and foot massage, for the first time in many years, I did not experience pain in my feet for over 3 hours. Next day after your treatment and calf massage, the pain in my feet disappeared completely. The pain returned only the following day. Up to now I had pain in my feet every day. Pain in the right hand wrist completely disappeared. Joint pain changed: I feel no pain in the joint of my right hip. Of course, I still feel pain in my back, muscles and fascias in various places, but I am absolutely sure that everything will be cured with your help. I was very lucky that the rheumatologist referred me to you. The Diagnostic Center is equally lucky to have such a good doctor. Thank you once again. I perform the exercises that you prescribed each morning and I like them very much! Thank you for your precious time! P.S. I recommend this doctor to everyone. The quality of your life is in your hands and with the help of this doctor, what seemed to me impossible, seems possible! I wish everyone success and good health ;)

Rasa Soloy

A very warm and pleasant doctor! Thank you for your help and your professional, detailed consultation!

Rasa Cerniauskiene

Stasiniene Dalia Family doctor
I have been a patient of Doctor Dalia for 12 years and each time I am pleased to visit her. I get detailed replies to each of my questions and my health has improved.

Algirdas Miskinis

Žalimienė Sandra Rheumatologist
An excellent professional, young physician. Very thorough consultation. We will be pleased to come next time. I would highly recommend the doctor.

Beata Kvaraciejute

Eidziuniene Jurate Rheumatologist
Thank you, dear doctor, for a very thorough examination and consultancy performed professionally and attentively, and for referring me for treatment to Doctor Kestutis Linkus. Thanks to you, I had treatment and my health is improving every day. I saw a rheumatologist and a paediatrician and had physiotherapy in England, but they were unable to give me a precise diagnosis and to prescribe appropriate treatment. I was in despair. You were my last hope and I am very pleased that I visited you. Thank you for your care, attention, help and your precious time.

Rasa Soloy

Rapsys Vladimiras Radiologist
A very pleasant and qualified doctor. More doctors like this!


Volosevic Teresa Pulmonologist
A very good, knowledgeable physician. I had problems with shortness of breath. During my first visit the doctor reassured me, diagnosed the disease and prescribed treatment. A very pleasant and warm person. I am very grateful to her.

Odeta Vilutiene